1, the marriage is not love the hormones, is the life depends on the next month is to go to participate in a small wedding love, blind date, get married, just 3 months at one go to the invitation of the moment, I still have an illusion The most willing to marry the "left fighter" how willing to drip into the marriage of this river is really the trend of it? But her view of marriage, or let me lifted her, said: "In the operating room used to life and death Van Cleef Arpels Clover Neckalce knockoffs will find that marriage is not only love the hormones, but also rely on life depends on! The wife and the anxious husband, saw the flirtatious old man and the mutual support of the Granny saw the shock of the deceased husband and ran in the corridor of the wife ... ... night emergency room like this magnifying glass let us see The marriage of the "good", but also like a narrow mirror, let us ignore the marriage "bad." "Forgot to say that she is an operating room nurses, married to a surgeon sounds this marriage, I hope she can marry happiness 2, when I want to marry you,replica van cleef & arpels alhambra necklace you just want to marry me Speaking of my another girlfriend, there is a childhood boyfriend just graduated from college One year I heard that she wants to get married from a marriage mad has been said now, not to marry him to remember the beginning, the other side to take her home to eat her happy bad, that met with parents, two people a good thing To be close to all we all know, girlfriend to her boyfriend at home to eat is nothing big thing in turn, the girl took her boyfriend home to eat, it was really to be successful She often asked me: "he was reluctant to marry, I want Do not take the initiative? "My answer must be:" Do not. "Some people give her out of the stupid idea: take the child married this van cleef alhambra ring knockoffs road I listen to strongly against me said:" Why is he not willing to get married? "So she began to reorganize her and her boyfriend two people relationship Asked how many times she married this question This time she said:" When I want to marry him, he also just want to marry me! "Looks , She was confident of any time before, but now she still did not get married to see the two of them together feeling and not the same as before marriage, for love people really just time to get married, is this The world's best commitment to remember the beginning of the year, participated in the junior high school classmates wedding is not luxury is not grand, but few warm and touching wedding bride dressed in white gauze, smiling, beautiful things that is a kind of And love the people together with the cheap van cleef arpels alhambra ringjoy of love or not love, smile will not lie! To participate in such a wedding will let us unmarried people to look forward to the wedding expected to be accompanied by greetings and others were together with the three meals a day together with the design of the future, pregnant young people can not find the love of thousands of people to find this love only A slight chance of 285,000 is rare because it is so serious. From the years long, sincere If you meet, is the most romantic luck so that men can only customize a DR (Darry Ring) diamond ring, love a person is the best commitment because each DR jewelry are carrying the promise of life, life only one person Darry Ring, who has only sent one person in his life, is not priceless, but the promise of life is like a love in love. All the words of love can be better than all true love, , In the time to spend time in the hardships of the phase pull, in the old to expect all the people who believe in love, and finally marry love, marry happiness to choose marriage is a new marriage in the marriage before the event, marriage ring And other ring meaning is different, is necessary to accompany the new life of love keepsake, so to carefully pick Oh In fact, everyone in the selection of marriage on the ring when the new people not only pay attention to the quality of diamonds, but also on the wedding ring style,Discount van cleef arpels jewelry quality should be concerned about.

Nowadays, the most popular couple ring on the ringing material is PT platinum and 18K gold, two kinds of metal have their advantages, there are also deficiencies. Pure platinum is seen as a "love metal", is the best interpretation of love between lovers, and 18K gold is higher than the price of platinum, 18K gold has the same appearance with platinum, and K gold hardness And toughness are higher than platinum, the price is much lower than platinum, so if the couple want to choose inexpensive couple on the ring, then, 18K gold ring is the best choice.

 The higher the quality of the diamond, the higher the price, so the couple in the selection of the couple on the ring when there is no need to pursue the quality of the diamond, choose 30 points size of the diamond is enough. Many people think that 30 points of the diamonds do not keep the value, in fact, a couple of replica van cleef arpels turquoise Ring is only a way to express love between the two, no need to spend so much the price, as long as the two is true, to get any The value of the diamond ring. In addition, the couple have to prepare for the future marriage, and now save a sum of money, when the time to buy a more diamond ring is it.