Let the whole person light up, especially in the summer. Some peculiar design and creative diamond jewelry, will certainly make your dress play a different effect, will improve your own taste. As a know how to fashion, we must know from beginning to end with the jewelry, so that people will not let you feel out.

Neck of the United States decorated

Short necklace: slender woman suitable for wear. If you are wearing a shirt or hedging clothes, necklace should be exposed outside the collar.

Long  Van Cleef & Arpels Vintage long necklace copy : try not to hang in the collar edge, should be with a wide range of large clothes collar.

Long necklace: suitable for wearing clothes, and with a relatively simple style long skirt, dress or trousers.

The charm of the van cleef arpels copy earrings No matter how beautiful you are, wear a delicate earrings, you will find yourself more pretty. Wearing earrings, not only add the brilliance of the face, more with a variety of hair, show the unique flavor and style, so when wearing an earrings to be exposed to achieve the effect of decoration.

Short hair of the ladies, clean and neat style can best reflect your beauty. So button-style or popular ear-style earrings are very suitable for you. Select the time to pay attention to this pure diamond earrings to be bright enough.

Long straight hair of the lady, simple and romantic earrings design will appear intellectual elegance. Button-type or small ring earrings for you. Pick the need to focus on the replica van cleef arpels Perlée signature ring when the appearance is full.

Long curly hair, freehand gorgeous earrings will make you look graceful. The most suitable for hanging-type earrings, however, should be focused on whether the interface is strong.

Drill on hand

Fingers slender ladies, you can arbitrarily wear your favorite diamond ring, good condition, how to wear are good-looking.

Fingers mellow ladies, you can choose a wide ring or design the theme of a clear ring, so you can focus on the transfer from the fingers to the ring, so that people feel slim.

Fingers slender ladies, you can choose the same slim, delicate cheap copy van cleef alhambra ring, fine pure diamond ring can make hand look full, but also highlights the sense of the line of the line.