Diamond crystal clear, Guanghua flashing, priceless, the amount is very strange is that its position in the Chinese classical culture does not seem high, in the Chinese classical literature rarely appear its shadow. Why is this?

Very simple: China has always been a respect for jade, playing jade, jade tours of the country, any other kinds of precious stones can not replace the jade status,replica van cleef arpels vintage ring diamonds are no exception. Chinese people heavy jade, in addition to which no one country people so attach importance to this stone. Westerners love diamonds, but they do not know the spirit of this jade. Zhou Ruchang old man has a saying that is very brilliant, may wish to quote:

Chinese ancestors, thousands of thousands of years ago, from the use of stone to identify the stone with different stone. Chinese ancestors have the aesthetic level, so high modern surprise, said odd Road different. They observe the universe of all things, not only its appearance hue, more taste of the material cheap copy van cleef arpels necklacequality, sexuality, function, virtue, mutual relations, the role of ... ... Shen Nong's taste of Baicao, knowledge, that is the best proof The After a long taste, ancestors understand the quality of jade character, crown in the public stone, worthy of the nature of the million sinks of the most noble and most valuable "entity". "Jade" in the Chinese vocabulary is the most senior description, the word, the title, the United States.

For example, Li said the Lord, "Diaolan jade puzzle now," Su Dongpo said, "and fear Qiong Lou Yuyu" is the most beautiful architectural realm. Prime Minister of the gods of the gods, do not call the other alone called "Jade Emperor". Praised the people of Wen Han, who said "Yao chapter", Yao is the United States jade. Zhou Lang name Yu, the word Gong Jin, is also the United States and jade. Said the beautiful woman, but not to be said, it is "jade", "jade body", "jade wrist", "jade arm" ... ... the United States juvenile, the "Jin Yi Yu." Drunk poet, the "Yushan from down", "Yushan decadent" ... ... This list is to lift the exhausted.

This is enough to show that "jade" in the Chinese cultural traditions, people's minds, always on behalf of all the most beautiful people, things, territory.

If you have doubts, I can call another example, another explanation. For example, the world is also quite a lot of precious stones, since ancient times, China has "Qibao" of the head. But there is a very strange, Westerners are doubly puzzled: Western heavy diamond, with it as the most best replica van cleef arpels necklace beautiful, the most expensive, but the Chinese alone. Qing Dynasty also "gemstones", it is official things, elegant people have not heard of a diamond named, for example, "Diamond Zhaizhu", who has seen? You must know "complete Bi Zhao" historical story, it is the late Zhou Dynasty countries (princes) "international" on a major event, because Zhao's and his bi, its beauty, the world Yan said, Qin Wang Wen's , Willing to fifteen city high price request "transaction", the performance of Lin Xiangrui and Jing Ke than the heroic story (he returned to Zhao, did not sacrifice. "Strong" word without misunderstanding), "Liancheng Bi" has become the highest The words of praise.Van Cleef Arpels magic bracelet replica But you can hear that the king wants to bid for a big diamond "fifteen cities"? When you read the "West Chamber", such as to see such a five words quatrains -

To be on the West under the car, half of the wind door. Brush the wall flower moving, suspected to drill to!

What will your aesthetic enjoyment be? This can only appear in the "crosstalk" section of the cute.

Confucius is very rewarding jade, he is also the art of aesthetic everyone, he described the beauty of jade moisturizing texture, said "if", said "Fu Yin", he thought that jade has a variety of virtues. His teacher, despite the opposition to mechanical distinction, advocated "and light with dust", and in the end also pointed out that the stone "mediocrity" and jade "Luo Luo". If he can not taste the stone, jade difference, how can he get that replica Van Cleef Arpels Vintage 5 Motifs braceletdifference? Chinese culture thought that the stone is unconscious death, jade is a spiritual "living".