Having worked across different luxury areas such as crystal,  and leather handbags, I have been able to take what I had previously learnt in the highly specialized area of bespoke stonework, client service as well as project management and offer my experience in the jewellery industry. Through working in fashion I’ve learnt a lot about researching a brand’s DNA, trend forecasting as well as systematic focus of product management and development,cheap Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry replica product launch through to marketing. This broad and varied experience gives me a good overview of how each facet of the business works together and helps me coordinate across many areas, understanding the needs of each and attaining the best possible result for the business and customer’’. Stuart: "I admire a diverse array of talented designers from around the globe such as the rich sculptural jewelers such Theo Fennell, Elizabeth Gage, Sevan Bıçakçı, Hemmerle, Lorenz Bäumer and Lyda Courteille. I also very much enjoy the elegant, dynamic and organic forms of Graff, Boodles, Asprey, David Morris, Chaumet, Chopard, Wallace Chan, Dickson Yewn and Glen Spiro while I appreciate the simplicity of Rufier, Canturi and Chow Thai Fook for their minimalist lines, although I know Van Cleef & Arpels ring replica the difficulty within designing and making those so called “Simple” looking designs’’. Stuart: "I’ve been lucky in the recent years to have had a few people mentor me in business and I’m always willing to learn more and I still have many years education before me". "All of the above mentioned fine jewelers don’t know it but I greatly admire their work and read a lot about jewelry in general. The industry in Ireland is small due to the size of the population so I mostly look outward and abroad cartier love necklace replica to keep abreast of what’s happening in the trade. I really enjoy working with other companies advising on design, supply chain and manufacturing as I often learn so much from them also. Someday I would like to work directly in a fine jewelry company in London, New York, Paris or similar". "The closest person to a mentor that I have is the very talented Sam Lafford, based in central Dublin he is a world class platinum and gold smith who uses regular and also unusual precious gemstones to create impressive designs. He’s been a great tutor to me over the years and I replica cartier love necklace appreciate the time he takes to assist in my understanding of certain complicated techniques. He’s a great designer and produces exquisite pieces of fashion and also bridal jewelry.’’  Stuart: "A normal day would be nice, like so many creative and other careers, everything is always changing. An ideal day for me would start with a lemon green tea and checking my emails to touch base with clients, suppliers and catching up with an industry newsletter. I try not to spend too much time online as I find I get the most out of the day by sketching and developing concepts and ideas on paper or sometimes sculpting in wax or clay to fully explore an idea. Often times there are features which can only be developed by the subtle and deft touch of the human hand. I enjoy spending a couple of hours sketching and then it’s a matter of a few emails to source special stones or similar. A couple of times a week I’ll try to get a swim, to the gym or go for a hike in the Dublin Mountains’’. Stuart: "My aim when designing a piece is to distill a feeling, it could be a fleeting feat of nature or perhaps an art movement or genre into a solution that is elegant, eye catching and interesting for people to wear to ensure that it’s a conversation starter. I enjoy looking, developing and researching ideas of objects, outdoors or other iconic wonders in life that people will regard in high esteem such as the Deco period or the series of tree rings I created such as the Magnolia tree, Blossom tree and Wisteria tree ring’’ Stuart: "The jewelry industry has so many exciting fake cartier love bracelet designers and companies at present but I consider that the subject matter I choose for my designs is appreciable by everybody and I believe that my ideas, designs and craftsmanship are unique to catch people’s attention take an interest in Armoura’s jewelry’’.