Stuart McGrath is a very talented jewelry designer who started out as a sculptor. He thought about a career in jewelry as something that he would do much later. He couldn’t know that this best cartier love bracelet knockoffs career would start much sooner, due to a tragic event. Come and meet this wonderful Irish designer.

Stuart: "I had a great childhood thanks to my parents who gave me a deep interest in heritage, craftsmanship and quality. At a young age they would often bring me around the country to visit stately homes and castles where I was always fascinated by the construction and craftsmanship of the furniture, silverware, architecture and furnishings. Antiques have and always will intrigue me as I can spend hours looking through antiques stores at old pieces with their detail and embellishments. I often enjoy thinking cheap cartier love jewelry replica about the stories those older pieces could tell, where they were made, their travels and about their previous owners’’ 

Stuart: "I grew up in the suburbs of Dublin and moved to London after art school where I sculpted stone. My father worked with racehorses as it’s a large and important industry here in Ireland where people all over world send their thoroughbred racehorses to be trained, bred and raced. My mother was a homemaker who enjoyed sketching out jewelry designs and stringing beads as a hobby and also worked to raise money for the Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital in Crumlin, Dublin. I have one brother and one sister, both older than me". 

Stuart: "I was van cleef arpels jewelry replica fortunate to have a strong mix of family and environmental influences on my career. Both of my grandmothers were keen painters and one would often bring me on her painting trips to sketch and paint plein air. My other grandmother often brought me to her sculpture class which was run by a very talented French sculptor Yann Goulet who was a professor of the Royal Hibernian Academy of Art in Dublin which inspired me from a young age’’.

''In school and with my family I often visited museums and galleries of which we have many of in Ireland. In the National Museum of Ireland we are lucky to have a very large collection precious metal antiquities from religious institutions as well as Celtic and Viking treasure hordes found all over Ireland by farmers and archaeologists. The ornate and beautifully made objects such as broaches (Tara Broach) crosses (Cross of Cong), (Ardagh) chalice, coins, Torc, crosiers (Clonmacnoise Crozier) which are all incredibly well made large pieces of the like we don’t see today. Many were so perfectly preserved in excellent condition in the bogs (wetlands) of Ireland as well as stunning burial tombs such as Newgrange (3000 BC) and Dolmen structures. Many more priceless cheap van cleef arpels necklace knockoffs artifacts were stolen by Viking raiders or melted down over the years by grave robbers and treasure hunters''.  

Stuart: "As a teenager I had been planning to design and make jewelry as a career but after school I got sidetracked into sculpture which I really enjoyed, it taught me a lot about form, texture and design. As a teenager I was always able to and enjoyed sitting down for several hours to sketch. When I was younger I was content making pencil studies of anatomy, botany, equine, architecture and other subjects and have found that these investigations have fed into my later works as having an understanding in these areas of interest gave me a familiarity which could be utilized and adapted to other subjects” 

''Later on I was lucky enough to work alongside and learn from many master crafts people in London. You’re correct when you say I have a passion for jewelry, I relish the exploration of ideas and developing concepts by sketching and researching until I feel that I arrive at an elegant true form''. 

Esther: "Can you tell us more about what happened to you that made you change career to jewelry?’’

Stuart: "I spent many years carving stone for restoration of architecture and monuments while also designing bespoke memorials and carving them by hand. One evening while out cycling I had an accident where I suffered a large trauma to my shoulder area which required reconstructive surgery and nearly a year of intensive rehabilitation to regain the use of my arm. This put my career in sharp focus’’.

"cheap cartier ring replica Jewelry is something I had planned to pursue at some future point and had gotten distract